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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Accessibility and trust: the two dimensions of consumers perception on sustainable purchase intentionCarvalho, B.; Salgueiro, M. F.; Rita, P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020AragoJ – a free, open‐source software to aid single camera photogrammetry studiesAleixo, F.; O’Callaghan, S. A.; Soares, L. D.; Nunes, P.; Prieto, R.ArticleOpen Access
2021As alterações climáticas, o uso da terra, e a produção pecuáriaRoque de Pinho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2009Bayesian networks in forensic identification problemsAndrade, M.; Ferreira, M. A. M.ArticleOpen Access
2017Beliefs on the local effects of climate change: causal attribution of flooding and shoreline retreatLuís, S.; Freitas, F. E. P.; Rodrigues, N.; Nogueira, A. J. A.; Roseta-Palma, C.; Lima, M. L.; Pinho, L.; Martins, F. C.; Almeida, A. B.; Le Cozannet, G.; Jolivet, V.; Lillebo, A. I.ArticleOpen Access
2-May-2020BIM in People2People and Things2People interactive processMataloto, B.; Ferreira, J.; Resende, R.; Moura, R.; Sílvia, L.ArticleOpen Access
2022Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT): Validity evidence from Brazil and PortugalSinval, J.; Vazquez, A. C. S.; Hutz, C. S.; Schaufeli, W. B.; Silva, S. A.ArticleOpen Access
2012Changes in social emotion recognition following traumatic frontal lobe injuryMartins, A. T.; Faísca, L.; Esteves, F.; Simão, C.; Justo, M. G.; Muresan, A.; Reis, A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Chemical patterns of proteasome inhibitors: lessons learned from two decades of drug designGuedes, R. A.; Aniceto, N.; Andrade, M. A. P.; Salvador, J. A. R.; Guedes, R. C.ArticleOpen Access
2019Child's oxytocin response to mother-child interaction: the contribution of child genetics and maternal behaviorBaião, R.; Fearon, P.; Belsky, J.; Baptista, J.; Carneiro, A.; Pinto, R.; Nogueira, M.; Oliveira, C.; Soares, I.; Mesquita, A. R.ArticleOpen Access
2016Combining top-down and bottom-up gardens in Lisbon as an improved planning strategySousa, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Consumers’ attitudes towards animal suffering: A systematic review on awareness, willingness and dietary changeFonseca, R. P.; Sanchez-Sabate, R.ReviewOpen Access
2015Cooperative coevolution of morphologically heterogeneous robotsGomes, J.; Mariano, P.; Christensen, A. L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Determinants of ageism against older adults: a systematic reviewMarques, S.; Mariano, J.; Mendonça, J.; De Tavernier, W.; Hess, M.; Naegele, L.; Peixeiro, F.; Martins, D.ArticleOpen Access
2019Distinguishing mild cognitive impairment from healthy aging and alzheimer’s disease: the contribution of the INECO Frontal Screening (IFS)Moreira, H. S.; Costa, A. S.; Machado, Á; Castro, S. L.; Lima, C. F.; Vicente, S. G.ArticleOpen Access
2015A 'dry eye' for victims of violence: effects of playing a violent video game on pupillary dilation to victims and on aggressive behaviorArriaga, P.; Adrião, J. G.; Madeira. F.; Cavaleiro, I.; Silva, A. M.; Barahona, I.; Esteves, F.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015The early P2 component reveals attention bias for negative, unexpected behaviorVolpert, H. I.; Jerónimo, R.; Bartholow, B. D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018The effect of the DISC1 Ser704Cys polymorphism on striatal dopamine synthesis capacity: an [18F]-DOPA PET studyDahoun, T.; Pardiñas, A. F.; Veronese, M.; Bloomfield, M. A. P.; Jauhar, S.; Bonoldi, I.; Froudist-Walsh, S.; Nosarti, C.; Korth, C.; Hennah, W.; Walters, J.; Prata, D.; Howes, O. D.ArticleOpen Access
2021The effectiveness of environmental taxes in reducing CO2 emissions in passenger vehicles: The case of Mediterranean countriesMeireles, M.; Alves, M. R.; Magueta, D.ArticleOpen Access
2020Epidermal systems and virtual reality: emerging disruptive technology for military applicationsMarsili, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access