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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Active aging awareness and well-being among older adults in PortugalCosta, A.; Henriques, J. G.; Alarcão, V.; Henriques, A.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Sousa, J.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Arriaga, M.; Rocha, J.; Nogueira, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023At-home thermal discomfort is associated with noncommunicable chronic diseasesSousa, I.; Candeias, P.; Capitão, C.; Virgolino, A.; Freitas, S.; Climaco, N.; Santos, O.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Developing a social prescribing local system in a European Mediterranean country: a feasibility study to promote active and healthy agingCosta, A.; Lopes, J.; Sousa, C. J.; Santos, O.; Virgolino, A.; Nogueira, P.; Henriques, A.; Seabra, P. R. C.; Capitão, C.; Martins, R.; Arriaga, M.; Alarcão, V.ArticleOpen Access
2021Effectiveness of social prescribing programs in the primary health-care context: A systematic literature reviewCosta, A. S.; Sousa, C. J.; Seabra, P.; Virgolino, A.; Santos, O.; Lopes, J.; Henriques, A.; Nogueira, P.; Alarcão, V.ArticleOpen Access
2015Exploring gender in Portuguese bedrooms: men's and women's narratives of their sexuality through a mixed methods approachAlarcão, V.; Virgolino, A.; Roxo, L.; Machado, F. L.; Giami, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Exploring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and well-being of migrant populations in Europe: An equity-focused scoping reviewAlarcão, V.; Virgolino, A.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Neves, J.ReviewOpen Access
2019Fertility, migration and acculturation (FEMINA): a research protocol for studying intersectional sexual and reproductive health inequalities.Alarcão, V.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Virgolino, A.; Santos, O.; Ribeiro, S.; Costa, A.; Nogueira, P.; Pascoal, M. P.; Pintassilgo, S.; Machado, F. L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Health literacy among older adults in Portugal and associated sociodemographic, health and healthcare-related factorsCosta, A. S.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Alarcão, V.; Henriques, H.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Arriaga, M.; Nogueira, P. J.ArticleOpen Access
2021I-DECIDE: A social prescribing and digital intervention protocol to promote sexual and reproductive health and quality of life among young Cape VerdeansCosta, AS.; Mourão, S.; Santos, O.; Alarcão, V.; Virgolino, A.; Nogueira, P.; Bettencourt, M. R.; Reis, S.; Graça, A.; Henriques, A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Intersections of immigration and sexual/reproductive health: An umbrella literature review with a focus on health equityAlarcão, V.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Virgolino, A.; Santos, O.; Costa, A. S.ArticleOpen Access
2015The intimate world of men’s sexual problems: portuguese men’s and women’s narratives explicated through a mixed methods approachAlarcão, V.; Roxo, L.; Virgolino, A.; Machado, F. L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021Looking ahead: Health impact assessment of front-of-pack nutrition labelling schema as a public health measureFeteira-Santos, R.; Alarcão, V.; Santos, O.; Virgolino, A.; Fernandes, J.; Pacheco Vieira, C.; Gregório, M. J.; Nogueira, P.; Costa, A. S.; Graça, P.ArticleOpen Access
2021Maternal mental health in the workplace (MAMH@WORK): A protocol for promoting perinatal maternal mental health and wellbeingCosta, J.; Santos, O.; Virgolino, A.; Pereira, M. E.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Silva, H.; Navarro-Costa, P.; Barbosa, M.; Neves, R. C.; Silva, I. D.; Alarcão, V.; Vargas, R.; Heitor, M. J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mental health and well-being of migrant populations in Portugal two years after the COVID-19 pandemicAlarcão, V.; Candeias, P.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Pintassilgo, S.; Machado, F. L.; Virgolino, A.; Santos, O.ArticleOpen Access
2021Reducing sexual and reproductive health inequities between natives and migrants: A delphi consensus for sustainable cross-cultural healthcare pathwaysCandeias, P.; Alarcão, V.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Santos, O.; Virgolino, A.; Pintassilgo, S.; Pascoal, P. M.; Costa, A. S.; Machado, F.L.ArticleOpen Access
2024Social prescribing for older adults in mainland Portugal: Perceptions and future prospectsCosta, A. S.; Henriques, J.; Alarcão, V.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Henriques, A.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Polley, M.; Arriaga, M.; Nogueira, P.ArticleOpen Access
2020Towards a global perspective of environmental health: defining the research grounds of an institute of environmental healthVirgolino, A.; Antunes, F.; Santos, O.; Costa, A.; De Matos, M. G.; Bárbara, C.; Bicho, M.; Caneiras, C.; Sabino, R.; Núncio, M. S.; Matos, O.; Santos, R. R.; Costa, J.; Alarcão, V.; Gaspar, T.; Ferreira, J.; Carneiro, A. V.ArticleOpen Access
2024“You get out of the house, you talk to each other, you laugh…And that’s fantastic”: A qualitative study about older people’s perceptions of social prescribing in mainland PortugalCosta, A.; Henriques, J.; Alarcão, V.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Polley, M. J.; Henriques, A.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Arriaga. M.; Nogueira, P.ArticleOpen Access