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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2009Avaliação de políticas públicas em Portugal: O caso do programa de distribuição de riqueza e combate à exclusãoFerraz, D.; Silva, M.; Anjos, C.Book ChapterOpen Access
2016Control and commitment HR practices, job satisfaction and turnover intentions: a comparison between local and multinational firms in ChinaMa, S.; Silva, M.; Callan, V.; Trigo, V.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021CSR: Evolution of conceptSilva, M.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018O desafio populista à democracia representativa: a Venezuela chavista e o MoVimento 5 EstrelasSilva, M.; Adinolfi, G.ArticleOpen Access
2019DevSecOps metricsPrates, L.; Faustino, J,; Silva, M.; Pereira, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Entre o Estado e o mercado: políticas públicas de educação em PortugalSilva, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2023The impact of combining SRSD instruction with a brief growth mindset intervention on sixth graders’ writing motivation and performanceCamacho, A.; Alves, R. A.; Silva, M.; Ferreira, P.; Correia, N.; Daniel, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015Interference aware iterative receiver performance for the uplink of LTE-ASilva, M.; Reis, C.; Souto, N.; Correia, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020A maturity model for DevOpsTeixeira, D.; Pereira, R.; Henriques, T.; Mira da Silva, M.; Faustino, J.; Silva, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020A systematic literature review on DevOps capabilities and areasTeixeira, D.; Pereira, R.; Henriques, T.; Faustino, J.; Silva, M.ArticleOpen Access
2013The main Portuguese SAD's: comparative study between the economic and financial viability and the success of their sports clubsSilva, M.; Filipe, J.ArticleOpen Access
2019The use of technology as an instrument to support the attention of the old persons and the possible increase of their autonomyGerardo, F.; Rodrigues, B.; Vasconcelos, M.; Oliveira, T.; Silva, M.; Alves, G,Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Using the fuzzy linguistic computing in the evaluation of the value creation in an innovative productPedro, M. I.; Sarmento, M.; Silva, M.; Filipe, J.Book ChapterOpen Access