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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Continuity of use of food delivery apps: An integrated approach to the health belief model and the technology readiness and acceptance modelSilva, G. M.; Dias, Á.; Rodrigues, M. S.ArticleOpen Access
2023Determinants of continuance intention to use mobile self-scanning applications in retailFerreira, A.; Silva, G. M.; Dias, Á.ArticleOpen Access
2023Developing sustainable business models: local knowledge acquisition and tourism lifestyle entrepreneurshipDias, Á.; Silva, G. M.; Patuleia, M.; González-Rodríguez, M. R.ArticleOpen Access
2023Drivers and outcomes of sustainable export marketing strategies in international environmentsSilva, G. M.; Dias, Á.; Lisboa, A. C.; Silva, F. P.ArticleOpen Access
2022Effects of absorptive capacity and innovation spillover on manufacturing flexibilityPinheiro, J.; Lages, L. F.; Silva, G. M.; Dias, Á.; Preto, M. T.ArticleOpen Access
2020Fostering knowledge creation to improve performance: the mediation role of manufacturing flexibilityPinheiro, J.; Silva, G. M.; Dias, Á.; Lages, L. F.; Preto, M. T.ArticleOpen Access
2020Innovation reliability and variability strategies: the importance of absorptive capacity on systemic outcomesPinheiro, J.; Lages, L. F.; Dias, Á.; Silva, G. M.; Preto, M. T.ArticleOpen Access
2021Sustainability practices in hospitality: Case study of a luxury hotel in Arrábida Natural ParkPereira, V.; Silva, G. M.; Dias, Á.ArticleOpen Access
2021Transforming local knowledge into lifestyle entrepreneur’s innovativeness: exploring the linear and quadratic relationshipsDias, Á.; Silva, G. M.; Patuleia, M.; González-Rodríguez, M. R.ArticleOpen Access
2021Willingness to stay of tourism lifestyle entrepreneurs: A configurational perspectiveDias, Á.; Silva, G. M.ArticleOpen Access