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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Application of swarm robotics systems to marine environmental monitoring10071/16981Duarte, M.; Gomes, J.; Costa, V.; Rodrigues, T.; Silva, F.; Oliveira, S.; Christensen, A. L.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Evolution of collective behaviors for a real swarm of aquatic surface robots10071/12252Duarte, M.; Costa, V.; Gomes, J.; Rodrigues, T.; Silva, F.; Oliveira, S.; Christensen, A. L.articleopenAccess
2017Evolutionary online behaviour learning and adaptation in real robots10071/14922Silva, F.; Correia, L.; Christensen, A. L.articleopenAccess
2016Evolutionary Robotics10071/12871Silva, F.; Correia, L.; Christensen, A. L.articleopenAccess
2014Impacts of an Is on productivity and job satisfaction – healthcare and retail10071/8196Silva, F.; Oliveira, A.articleopenAccess
2015Os modelos internos dinâmicos analisados com recurso às narrativas de representação da vinculação em adultos10071/9376Monteiro, L.; Veríssimo, M.; Silva, F.; Branco, I.; Santos, A. J.articleopenAccess
2015odNEAT: an algorithm for decentralised online evolution of robotic controllers10071/10504Silva, F.; Urbano, P.; Correia, L.; Christensen, A. L.articleopenAccess
2016Open issues in evolutionary robotics10071/12254Silva, F.; Duarte, M.; Correia, L.; Oliveira, S. M.; Christensen, A. L.articleembargoedAccess
2020Student-teacher closeness and conflict in students with and without special educational needs10071/20467Sofia Freire; Pipa, J.; Aguiar, C.; Silva, F.; Moreira, S.articleopenAccess
2019Sustainability reporting: the case of Meliá10071/20282Carvalho, L.; Paiva, I.; Silva, F.articleopenAccess