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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Academias de talento feminino: meios de emancipação ou ferramentas de reprodução social?Santos, S.ArticleOpen Access
2014An AHP-based approach to credit risk evaluation of mortgage loansFerreira, F.; Santos, S.; Dias, V.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014Assessing credit risk of mortgage lending using MACBETH: a methodological frameworkFerreira, F.; Santos, S.; Marques, C.; Ferreira, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Assessment of "social" and "economic" sustainability in peri-urban territories: A proposal of methodological framework and its application to Lisbon Metropolitan AreaCosta, P.; Pinto, T. C.; Ferreiro, M. de F.; Bernardo, F.; Colaço, C.; Santos, S.; Lopes, R.; Coelho, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Becoming a lawyer in a large law firm: the idea of the unstoppable workerSantos, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018Book of abstracts of the Third International Conference of Young Urban ResearchersGarcia-Ruiz, M.; Henriques, C.; Chaves, H.; Oliveira, A.; Ferreira, A.; Colombo, A.; Santos, S.; Santos, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2011Cidadãos, candidatos e deputados: da participação social à participação políticaViegas, J. M. L.; Santos, S.ArticleOpen Access
2022Correndo para o topo? Socialização e percursos de vida dos jovens advogados de negóciosAbrantes, P.; Santos, S.ArticleOpen Access
2017Critical cities. Learning from extreme urban contexts, paths for sustainable urban planning in New Delhi and beyondSantos, S.; Ferreiro, M. De F.; Sousa, C. DeConference ObjectOpen Access
2017Critical distance in urban planning: will smart, sustainable and resilient narratives save our cities? insights from Delhi metropolitan areaSantos, S.; Ferreiro, M. De F.; Sousa, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021A desinformação em tempos de exceção: tecnopolítica, vigilância e literacia digital críticaSantos, S.; Lapa, T.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022A Desinformação pelos olhos e mãos da UE: desconstruindo e interligando narrativas e práticas digitais de (In)segurançaSantos, S.; Lapa, T.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Health information system in nursing homesSantos, S.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014How to create indices for bank branch financial performance measurement using MCDA techniques: an illustrative exampleFerreira, F.; Santos, S.; Rodrigues, P.; Spahr, R.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018The importance of interdisciplinary approach to urban agriculture and transitions in food systems: Research on Lisbon Metropolitan AreaFerreiro, M. F.; Marat-Mendes, T.; Salavisa, I.; Santos, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Income inequality and technological adoptionSantos, S.; Sequeira, T. N.; Ferreira-Lopes, A.OtherOpen Access
2017Lessons from the extremes in the case of urban planningSantos, S.; Ferreiro, M. De F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018MetaCity: ways of thinking and making citySantos, S.; Ferreira, A. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Mobility and spatial planning in the lisbon metropolitan areaSantos, S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Mobility as a function of environmental conditions and sociodemographic differentiation: the case of gender inequality in the Lisbon Metropolitan AreaCarmo, R. M.; Camarero, L.; Santos, S.ArticleOpen Access