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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Instant messaging and relationship satisfaction across different ages and culturesVauclair, C.-M.; Rudnev, M.; Hofhuis, J.; Liu, J. H.ArticleOpen Access
2018The link between personal values and frequency of drinking depends on cultural values: a cross-level interaction approachRudnev, M.; Vauclair, C.-M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Measurement invariance of the burnout assessment tool (BAT) across seven cross-national representative samplesde Beer, L. T.; Schaufeli, W. B.; De Witte, H.; Hakanen, J. J.; Shimazu, A.; Glaser, J.; Seubert, C.; Bosak, J.; Sinval, J.; Rudnev, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Measurement invariance of the moral vitalism scale across 28 cultural groupsRudnev, M.; Vauclair, C.-M.; Aminihajibashi, S.; Becker, M.; Bilewicz, M.; Castellanos Guevara, J. L.; Collier-Baker, E.; Crespo, C.; Eastwick, P.; Fischer, R.; Friese, M.; Gómez, Á.; Guerra, V.; Hanke, K.; Hooper, N.; Huang, L.-L.; Karasawa, M.; Kuppens, P.; Loughnan, S.; Peker, M.; Pelay, C.; Pina, A.; Sachkova, M.; Saguy, T.; Shi, J.; Silfver-Kuhalampi, M.; Sortheix, F.; Swann, W.; Tong, J.; Yeung, V. W.; Bastian, B.ArticleOpen Access
2023Moral expansiveness around the world: The role of societal factors across 36 countriesKirkland, K.; Crimston, C. R.; Jetten, J.; Rudnev, M.; Acevedo-Triana, C.; Amiot, C. E.; Ausmees, L.; Baguma, P.; Barry, O.; Becker, M.; Bilewicz, M.; Boonyasiriwat, W.; Castelain, T.; Costantini, G.; Dimdins, G.; Espinosa, A.; Finchilescu, G.; Fischer, R.; Friese, M.; Vauclair, C.- M.; Bastian, B.ArticleOpen Access
2023Multiple jeopardy, national wealth and perceived discrimination: Subjective health of intersecting minority groups across 28 countriesVauclair, C.-M.; Rudnev, M.ArticleOpen Access
2018Public support for the right to euthanasia: Impact of traditional religiosity and autonomy values across 37 nationsRudnev, M.; Savelkaeva, A.ArticleOpen Access
2018Relations among higher order values around the worldRudnev, M.; Magun, V.; Schwartz, S.ArticleOpen Access
2022Revisiting Cowgill's modernisation theory: Perceived social status of older adults across 58 countriesRudnev, M.; Vauclair, C.-M.ArticleOpen Access