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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Business intelligence solution in project monitoring and controlRosa, M.; Alturas, B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Change commitment in low-status merger partners: the role of information processing, relative ingroup prototypicality, and merger patternsRosa, M.; Kavanagh, E.; Kounov, P.; Jarosz, S.; Waldzus, S.; Collins, E. C.; Giessner, S.ArticleOpen Access
2021Designing an IT risk management ontology grounded on systematic literature reviewRosa, M.; Guerreiro, S.; Pereira, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2024Do they need us? Linking functional indispensability and voice behavior: The role of psychological ownership, job insecurity and organizational ambidexterityAlves, D.; Duarte, A. P.; Rosa, M.; Silva, S. da.ArticleOpen Access
2021Does she deserve it? The influence of gender and meritocracy in reactions to affirmative action legislationSilva, V.; Santos, M. H.; Rosa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2012Efficiency and defense motivated ingroup projection: Sources of protoypicality in intergroup relationsRosa, M.; Waldzus, S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021Exploring the social representations of vulnerable populations being helpedBignone, L.; Esteves, C.; Rosa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Forced to work from home: Division of unpaid work between parents and the relation to job satisfactionSantos, M. H.; Rosa, M.; Correia, R. B.; Ramos, J.; Carvalho, A. C.ArticleOpen Access
2022The future of the aeronautics: 360º reskilling and upskilling approachAguiar, B.; Pinto, M.; Rosa, M.; Oliveira, S.; Maio, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Gender equality under siege: Perceptions and satisfaction of telecommuting women workers with the distribution of unpaid work during the Covid-19 lockdownSantos, M. H.; Rosa, M.; Correia, R. B.; Xavier, E.ArticleOpen Access
2023The gender of retirement in a double-ageing country: Perspectives and experiences of retired women and men in PortugalPereira, M. C.; Rosa, M.; Santos, M. H.ArticleOpen Access
2021Gender roles and dynamics in COVID-19 times: Changes and continuities in sharing arrangements of housework and caregivingSantos, M. H.; Rosa, M.; Correia, R.; Xavier, E.ArticleOpen Access
2023How different types of environmentalists are perceived: Changing perceptions by the perceiverKibele, K.; Rosa, M.; Obaidi, M.ArticleOpen Access
2016Intergroup relations and strategies of minoritiesAlexandre, J.; Rosa, M.; Waldzus, S.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Just Chill! An experimental approach to stereotypical attributions regarding young activistsFarinha, C.; Rosa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021Musical control gestures in mobile handheld devices: Design guidelines informed by daily user experienceClément, A.; Moreira, L.; Rosa, M.; Bernardes, G.ArticleOpen Access
2024NEETs and youth guarantee registration: Examining the link to past undeclared workRocca, A.; Agahi, O.; Beilmann, M.; Natalia Edisherashvili, N.; Marta, E.; Mazzochi, P.; Higgins, O.; Pizzolante, F.; Prieto-Flores, Ò.; Rodrigues, R. B.; Rosa, M.; Simões, F.ArticleOpen Access
2020On IT risk management ontology using DEMORosa, M.; Guerreiro, S.; Pereira, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Science-religion dialogue in education: religion teachers’ perceptions in a roman-catholic contextPaiva, J. C.; Rosa, M.; Moreira, J. R.; Morais, C.; Moreira, L.ArticleOpen Access
2015'Small but mighty': conditions for prototypicality claims within low-status merger partnersIGorski, I.; Jarosz, S.; Kavanagh, E.; Kersting, A.-M.; Kounov, P.; Velickovic, K.; Rosa, M.ArticleOpen Access