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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021As alterações climáticas, o uso da terra, e a produção pecuáriaRoque de Pinho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2019Environmental and social impacts of infrastructure development in East AfricaRoque de Pinho, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Food security among dryland pastoralists and agropastoralists: The climate, land-use change, and population dynamics nexusStavi, I.; Roque de Pinho, J.; Paschalidou, A.; Adamo, S. B.; Galvin, K. A.; Sherbinin, A. De; Even, T.; Heaviside, C.; van der Geest, K.ReviewOpen Access
2020“Fotos di mudansa”: alterações ambientais retratadas por agricultores do sul da Guiné-BissauRoque de Pinho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2021Multidimensional food security nexus in drylands under the slow onset effects of climate changeStavi, I.; Paschalidou, A.; Kyriazopoulos, A. P.; Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir, R.; Siad, S. M.; Suska-Malawska, M.; Savic, D.; Roque de Pinho, J.; Thalheimer, L.; Williams, D. S.; Hashimshony-Yaffe, N.; van der Geest, K.; Cordovil, C. M. d. S.; Ficko, A.ArticleOpen Access
2022Pastoral Khans: From Mongolian steppe to African savannahSternberg, T.; Roque de Pinho, J.; Batjav, B.ArticleOpen Access
2022Pastoralists under COVID-19 lockdown: Collaborative research on impacts and responses in Kenyan and Mongolian drylandsRoque de Pinho, J.; Kronenburg Garcia, A.; Hashimshony-Yaffe, N.; Sternberg, T.; Neboo, S.; Seenoi, D.; Mayiani, D.; Mowuo, L.; Mowuo, M.; Galgallo, S.; Batjav, B.; Battsengel, B.; Sainbayar, E.; Pase, A.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021People should also look after the people: relational values of wildlife and collectively titled land in Ilkisongo Maasai group ranches in Southern KenyaUnks, R.; Goldman. M. J.; Mialhe, F.; Roque de Pinho, J.ArticleOpen Access