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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Exploring patterns of multiple climates and their effects on safety performance at the department levelPaolillo, A.; Silva, S. A.; Carvalho, H.; Pasini, M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mindfulness lessons in a virtual natural environment to cope with work-related stressMarossi, C.; Mariani, V.; Arenas, A.; Brondino, M.; Carvalho, C. V. de.; Costa, P.; Di Marco, D.; Menardo, E.; Silva, S. da.; Pasini, M.Conference ObjectEmbargoed Access
2022Nature and mindfulness to cope with work-related stress: A narrative reviewMenardo, E.; Di Marco, D.; Ramos, S.; Brondino, M.; Arenas, A.; Costa, P.; Carvalho, C. V. de; Pasini, M.ArticleOpen Access
2015Participative prevention of psychosocial emergent risks in small and medium enterprises Overview of a collaborative projectCosta, P.; Ramos, S.; Silva, S. A.; Passos, A. M.; Tavares, S. M.; Bretones, F. D.; Delgado, A.; Doulougeri, K.; Georganta, K.; Giacominelli, B.; González, J. M.; González, R.; Montgomery, A.; Pasini, M.ArticleOpen Access
2016Promoting safety participation through diversity and inclusion climatesPaolillo, A.; Silva, S. A.; Pasini, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017Psychometric properties of the Italian adaptation of the Mor Barak et al. diversity climate scalePaolillo, A.; Pasini, M.; Silva, S. A.; Magnano, P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016SME’s perspective on psychosocial risks: From identifying to intervening in four countriesCosta, P.; Ramos, S.; Silva, S.; Passos, A.; Tavares, S.; Bretones, F.; Delgado, A.; Doulougeri, K.; Georganta, K.; Giacominelli, B.; Gonzalez, J.; Gonzalez, R.; Montgomery, A.; Pasini, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access