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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Distributing multipartite entanglement over noisy quantum networksBugalho. L.; Coutinho, B. C.; Monteiro, F. A.; Omar, Y.ArticleOpen Access
2020Downlink MIMO-NOMA with and without CSI: A short survey and comparisonAlberto, R.; Monteiro, F. A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Editorial - Special issue on network codingMonteiro, F. A.; Burr, A.; Chatzigeorgiou, I.; Camilla, H.; Krikidis, I.; Seferoglu, H.; Skachek, V.OtherOpen Access
2017Efficient message exchange protocols exploiting state-of-the-art PHY layerLemos, J. S.; Monteiro, F. A.; Sousa, I.; Ferreira, F. E.ArticleOpen Access
2016Fast matrix inversion updates for massive MIMO detection and precodingRosário, F.; Monteiro, F. A.; Rodrigues, A.ArticleOpen Access
2016Full-duplex massive MIMO with physical layer network coding for the two-way relay channelLemos, J. S.; Monteiro, F. A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Full-duplex MIMO and PLNC for the Y-networkFerreira, F. E.; Monteiro, F. A.; Sousa, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Full-duplex relaying in MIMO-OFDM frequency-selective channels with optimal adaptive filteringJoão Sande Lemos; Monteiro, F. A.; Ivo Sousa; António J. RodriguesConference ObjectOpen Access
2022Gibbs sampling detection for large MIMO and MTC uplinks with adaptive modulationRosário, F.; Monteiro, F. A.ArticleOpen Access
2014Interference suppression with physical-layer network coding and MIMO for multi-way channelsBrás, F.; Ferreira, F.; Monteiro, F. A.; Rodrigues, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021A low-complexity beamforming design for multiuser wireless energy transferLopez, O. L. A.; Monteiro, F. A.; Alves, H.; Zhang, R.; Latva-Aho, M.ArticleOpen Access
2015Massive MIMO full-duplex relaying with optimal power allocation for independent multipairsJoão Sande Lemos; Francisco Rosário; Monteiro, F. A.; João Xaviel; António J. RodriguesConference ObjectOpen Access
2021Massive wireless energy transfer with statistical CSI beamformingMonteiro, F. A.; Lopez, O. L. A.; Alves, H.ArticleOpen Access
2005Phase error resilience to I/Q mismatch of a simplified CPM receiverMonteiro, F. A.; Rodrigues, A. J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Quantum error correction via noise guessing decodingCruz, D.; Monteiro, F. A.; Coutinho, B. C.ArticleOpen Access
2023Shortest path finding in quantum networks with quasi-linear complexitySantos, S.; Monteiro, F. A.; Coutinho, B. C.; Omar, Y.ArticleOpen Access
2023Symbol-level GRAND for high-order modulation over block fading channelsChatzigeorgiou, I.; Monteiro, F. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022URLLC with coded massive MIMO via random linear codes and GRANDAllahkaram, S.; Monteiro, F. A.; Chatzigeorgiou, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access