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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2024Administrative and organizational capacities of civil society in EU Cohesion PolicyPotluka, O.; Medeiros, E.ArticleOpen Access
2019The age of sustainable developmentMedeiros, E.ReviewOpen Access
2020The ages of globalization. Geography, technology, and institutionsMedeiros, E.ReviewOpen Access
2023Assessing impacts of environmental sustainability public policies in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: Using the Impact-WEB-GIS platformMedeiros, E.; Valente, B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Assessing impacts of urban SUNstainabilityMedeiros, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Assessing integrated territorial development strategiesMedeiros, E.LectureOpen Access
2021Boosting cross-border regions through better cross-border transport services. The European caseMedeiros, E.; Ferreira, R.; Boijmans, P.; Verschelde, N.; Spisiak, R.; Skoniezki, P.; Dietachmair, J.; Hurnaus, K.; Ebster, M.; Madsen, S.; Ballaguy, R.- L.; Volponi, E.; Isinger, E.; Voiry, P.; Markl-Hummel, L.; Harster, P.; Sippel, L.; Nolte, J.; Maarfield, S.; Lehnert, C.; Perchel, A.; Sodini, S.; Mickova, B.; Berzi, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Border cities and territorial development: The Portuguese-Spanish caseMedeiros, E.; Neto, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Border cities in Portugal-Spain and territorial development trendsMedeiros, E.; Neto, P.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Challenges for (re)building institutional trust in post-covid european territorial cooperation programmesMedeiros, E.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Cross-border transports and cross-border mobility in EU border regionsMedeiros, E.ArticleOpen Access
2019Debating the urban dimension of territorial cohesionMedeiros, E.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Deindustrialization and post-industrial cities in Iberia PeninsulaMedeiros, E.ArticleOpen Access
2019Delimiting cross-border areas for policy implementation: a multi-factor proposalMedeiros, E.ArticleOpen Access
2022Development clusters for small places and rural development for territorial cohesion?Medeiros, E.ArticleOpen Access
2020The EGTC as a tool for cross-border multi-level governanceMedeiros, E.Book ChapterOpen Access
2015EU Cohesion Policy in the Iberian Peninsula: main territorial impacts (1986-2013) and challenges for a more efficient new programming period (2014-2020)Medeiros, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023European territorial cooperation towards territorial cohesion?Medeiros, E.; Scott, J.; Ferreira, R.; Boijmans, P.; Verschelde, N.; Guillermo-Ramirez. M.; Ocskay, G.; Peyrony, J.; Soares, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019European transnational cooperation in the makingMedeiros, E.; Guus, M.; Rudolf, L.; Isabelle, R.; Silva, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Evaluating integrated sustainable urban development strategies: a methodological framework applied in PortugalMedeiros, E.; van der Zwet, A.ArticleOpen Access