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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Context-aware information in mobile devicesFerreira, J. C.; Lopes, A. L.; Albuquerque, V.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Distributed Coordination of Heterogeneous Agents Using a Semantic Overlay Network and a Goal-Directed Graphplan PlannerLopes, A. L.; Botelho, L.ArticleOpen Access
2012Efficient algorithms for agent-based semantic resource discoveryLopes, A. L.; Botelho, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
21-Jun-2022Gregory-MS: list of research papers relevant/not relevant for Multiple Sclerosis research (for machine learning training)Lopes, A. L.DatasetOpen Access
2008Improving multi-agent based resource coordination in peer-to-peer networksLopes, A. L.; Botelho, L.ArticleOpen Access
2019A influência do Acesso Aberto nas citações e nas métricas alternativas: o caso do ISCTE-IULLopes, A. L.ArticleOpen Access
2017Integração do mecanismo de sincronização PTCRISync com o CRIS do ISCTE-IULLopes, A. L.OtherOpen Access
2018Integrating a local CRIS with the PT-CRIS synchronisation ecosystemLopes, A. L.LectureOpen Access
2019Integrating a local CRIS with the PTCRIS synchronization ecosystemLopes, A. L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Online-learning at ISCTE-IUL: towards a sustainable education paradigmLopes, A. L.; Almeida, F.; Figueiredo, V.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Web of Science citation gaps: An automatic approach to detect indexed but missing citationsRodrigues, D.; Lopes, A. L.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access