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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Boards of a feather: Homophily in foreign director appointments around the worldBarrios, J.; Bianchi, P.; Isidro, H.; Nanda, D.ArticleOpen Access
2015Disclosure of intellectual capital in Mediterranean countriesMartins, M. M.; Morais, A. I.; Isidro, H.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013A divulgação do capital intelectual em Portugal na primeira década do século XXIMartins, M.; Morais, A. I.; Isidro, H.ArticleOpen Access
2011Earnings management and CEO characteristics in Portuguese firmsIsidro, H.; Goncalves, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Earnings quality and governance quality: a comparative analysis between traditional and new Brazilian capital marketIsidro, H.; Martins, M. M.; Lopes, I. T.ArticleOpen Access
2017Earnings quality and the heterogeneous relation between earnings and stock returnsIsidro, H.; Dias, J. G.ArticleOpen Access
2015The effects of women on corporate boards on firm value, financial performance, and ethical and social complianceIsidro, H.; Sobral, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012Firm incentives, institutional complexity and the quality of "harmonized" accounting numbersIsidro, H.; Raonic, I.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017Impression management and non-GAAP disclosure in earnings announcementsGuillamon-Saorin, E.; Isidro, H.; Marques, A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Industry competition and non-GAAP disclosuresIsidro, H.; Marques, A.ArticleOpen Access
Sep-2013Institutional Investors’ Reaction to SEC Concerns about IFRS and US GAAP ReportingGietzmann, M.; Isidro, H.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Intellectual capital disclosure: the Portuguese caseMartins, M. M.; Morais, A. I.; Isidro, H.; Laureano, R. M. S.ArticleOpen Access
2020On the relation between financial reporting quality and country attributes: research challenges and opportunitiesIsidro, H.; Nanda, D. J.; Wysocki, P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013Response to Discussion of: The Effects of Compensation and Board Quality on Non-GAAP Disclosures in EuropeIsidro, H.; Marques, A.OtherEmbargoed Access
2023The rise of covenant-lite bond contractingGietzmann, M.; Isidro, H.; Raonic, I.ArticleOpen Access
2017The role and current status of IFRS in the completion of national accounting rules – evidence from PortugalIsidro, H.; Pais, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015The role of institutional and economic factors in the strategic use of non-GAAP disclosures to beat earnings benchmarksIsidro, H.; Marques, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013The effects of compensation and board quality on non-GAAP disclosures in EuropeIsidro, H.; Marques, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013O valor do capital intelectual das empresas portuguesasMartins, M.; Morais, A.; Isidro, H.ArticleOpen Access
2018Vulture funds and the fresh start accounting value of firms emerging from bankruptcyGietzmann, M.; Isidro, H.; Raonic, I.ArticleOpen Access