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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Adapting governance for coastal change in PortugalSchmidt, L.; Prista, P.; Saraiva, T.; O'Riordan, T.; Gomes, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012Alterações climáticas, sociais e políticas em Portugal: processos de governança num litoral em riscoSchmidt, L.; Santos, F. D.; Prista, P.; Saraiva, T.; Gomes, C.ArticleOpen Access
2019Back to replacement migration: a new European perspective applying the prospective-age conceptCraveiro, D.; Oliveira, I.; Gomes, C.; Malheiros, J. M.; Moreira, M. J.; Peixoto, J.ArticleOpen Access
2015Better off together: a cluster analysis of self-leadership and its relationship to individual innovation in hospital nursesGomes, C.; Curral, L.; Caetano, A.; Marques-Quinteiro, P.ArticleOpen Access
2013Change in the way we live and plan the coast: stakeholders discussions on future scenarios and adaptation strategiesSchmidt, L.; Delicado, A.; Gomes, C.; Granjo, P.; Guerreiro, S.; Horta, A.; Mourato, J.; Prista, P.; Saraiva, T.; Truninger, M.; O'Riordan, T.; Santos, F. D.; Penha-Lopes, G.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Employability profiles of higher education graduates: a person-oriented approachMonteiro, S.; Almeida, L. S.; Gomes, C.; Sinval, J.ArticleOpen Access
2019How transactive memory systems and reflexivity relate with innovation in healthcare teamsMarques-Quinteiro, P.; Curral, L.; Passos, A. M.; Lewis, K.; Gomes, C.ArticleOpen Access
2015The mediating effect of work engagement on the relationship between self-leadership and individual innovationGomes, C.; Curral, L.; Caetano, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Planning health workforce training in the detection and prevention of excessive alcohol consumption: an optimization-based approachFaria, J.; Cardoso-Grilo, T.; Gomes, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2011Practices and cultures of adaptive governance for rapidly eroding Portuguese coastlinesSchmidt, L.; Prista, P.; Saraiva, T.; Gomes, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022The role of dogs in the relationship between telework and performance via affect: A moderated moderated mediation analysisJunça Silva, A.; Almeida, M.; Gomes, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023The role of satisfaction with the performance appraisal: A comparative study between the public and private sectorsRodrigues, R.; Gomes, C.; Junça Silva, A.ArticleOpen Access