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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2014An analysis of equity markets cointegration in the european sovereign debt crisisFerreira, N. B.; Oliveira, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2007Asymmetric conditional volatility in international stock marketsFerreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D. A.ArticleOpen Access
2014Box-Jenkins and volatility models for Brazilian ‘Selic’ interest and currency ratesFerreira, N. B.; Rocha, L.; Souza, A.; Santos, E.ArticleOpen Access
2014Cointegration and Structural Breaks in the EU Sovereign Debt CrisisFerreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Comparative multivariate forecast performance for the G7 stock markets: VECM models vs deep learning LSTM neural networksFerreira, N. B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Data frequency and forecast performance for stock markets: A deep learning approach for DAX indexMendes, D. A.; Ferreira, N. B.; Mendes, V.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2011Electrical energy supply for Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, using forecast combination of weighted eigenvaluesSouza, A.; Souza, F.; Ferreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2016Insights into portuguese stock market efficiency using DEAFerreira, N. B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Modeling long memory in the EU stock market: evidence from the STOXX 50 returnsBentes, S.; Ferreira, N. B.ArticleOpen Access
2016Portfolio efficiency analysis with SFA: the case of PSI-20 companiesFerreira, N. B.; Oliveira, M. M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014PSI-20 portfolio efficiency analysis with SFAFerreira, N. B.; Souza, A.; Souza, F.ArticleOpen Access
2022Untangling the inefficiency of hotel industry: The Portuguese Teixeira Duarte hotel chain analysisFerreira, N. B.ArticleOpen Access