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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023The association between childhood obesity and cardiovascular changes in 10 years using special data science analysisCordeiro, J.; Mosca, S.; Correia-Costa, A.; Ferreira, C.; Pimenta, J.; Correia-Costa, L.; Barros, H.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2020Child sexual abuse myth scale: validity and reliability evidence in the Portuguese contextChim, I.; Magalhães, E.; Graça, J.; Antunes, C.; Ferreira, C.ArticleOpen Access
2014Desvendando o teatro: criatividade, públicos e territórioBorges, V.; Costa, P.; Ferreira, C.OtherOpen Access
2012Digital reading: The transformation of reading practicesCardoso, G.; Ganito, C.; Ferreira, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Equity in five Mediterranean countriesSerrão, A.; Ferreira, C.; Custódio, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Innovation public policy—the case of PortugalSousa, M.; Ferreira, C.; Vaz, D.ReviewOpen Access
2022Interpersonal violence and mental health outcomes: mediation by self-efficacy and copingMagalhães, E.; Grych, J.; Ferreira, C.; Antunes, C.; Prioste, A.; Jongenelen, I.ArticleOpen Access
2018Mobile applications for active agingFerreira, C.; Silva, J. C.; Silva, J. L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Social well-being scales: validity and reliability evidence in the Portuguese contextLages, A.; Magalhães, E.; Antunes, C.; Ferreira, C.ArticleOpen Access
2022Stressful events during last year, violence and anxiety and depression: A moderated mediation model by sexMagalhães, E.; Ferreira, C.; Antunes, C.; Jongenelen, I.; Castro, E.ArticleOpen Access
2020Victimization experiences and well-being in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysisFerreira, C.; Magalhães, E.; Antunes, C.; Camilo, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021When subjective social status matters: moderating effects in the association between victimization and mental healthAntunes, C.; Magalhães, E.; Ferreira, C.; Cabral, J; Jongenelen, I.ArticleOpen Access
2022Why are men more likely to endorse myths about child sexual abuse than women? Evidence from disposition and situation-based approachesMagalhães, E.; Graça, J.; Antunes, C.; Ferreira, C.; Pinheiro, M.ArticleOpen Access