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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2012China and Angola: A strategic partnershipFernandes, S.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Deteção de manipulação de resultados e seu impacto nos fundos europeus: Uma abordagem analíticaFernandes, S.; Laureano, R. M. S.; Abrantes, C.; Laureano, L. M. S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Determinants of complicance with mandatory disclosure: research evidenceFernandes, S.; Lourenço, I.ArticleOpen Access
2018Determinants of the classification of the share of profit or loss of equity investmentsLourenço, I.; Fernandes, S.; Branco, M. C.; Curto, J. D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Literacy(ies) and skills in times of digital education: Exploring communication and interaction in digitally mediated learning worldsCorreia, J. D.; Henriques, S.; Fernandes, S.; Abelha, M.; Seabra, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Manipulação de resultados e fraude nas candidaturas a fundos Europeus: Estudo em empresas PortuguesasFernandes, S.; Laureano, R. M. S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Portugal in the nuclear realm: A case of broad ‘multilateralization’Fernandes, S.; Ferreira, D. S.ArticleOpen Access
2017Psychometric assessment of the Child Surgery Worries Questionnaire among Portuguese childrenFernandes, S.; Arriaga, P.; Carvalho, H.; Esteves, F.ArticleOpen Access
2015Using an educational multimedia application to prepare children for outpatient surgeriesFernandes, S.; Arriaga, P.; Esteves, F.ArticleOpen Access