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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011A avaliação externa das escolas como processo socialVeloso, L.; Abrantes, P.; Craveiro, D.ArticleOpen Access
2019Back to replacement migration: a new European perspective applying the prospective-age conceptCraveiro, D.; Oliveira, I.; Gomes, C.; Malheiros, J. M.; Moreira, M. J.; Peixoto, J.ArticleOpen Access
2021Behavioural change box? Applying the COM-B model to understand behavioural triggers that support consumption of fruits and vegetable among subscribers of a fruit and vegetable box schemeCraveiro, D.; Marques, S.; Bell, R.; Khan, M.; Godinho, C.; Peixeiro, F.ArticleOpen Access
2013Community involvement in school management in PortugalVeloso, L.; Craveiro, D.; Rufino, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Descrição de uma abordagem participada com vista ao redesenvolvimento da mina de São Domingos, Alentejo, PortugalSardinha, I. D.; Craveiro, D.ArticleOpen Access
2019Equity, health, and sustainability with PROVE: the evaluation of a Portuguese program for a short distance supply chain of fruits and vegetablesCraveiro, D.; Marques, S.; Marreiros, A.; Bell, R.; Khan, M.; Godinho, C.; Quiroga, S.; Suárez, C.ArticleOpen Access
2020How to achieve a healthier and more sustainable europe by 2040 according to the public? Results of a five-country questionnaire surveyZvěřinová, I.; Máca, V.; Ščasný, M.; Strube, R.; Marques, S.; Dubová, D.; Kryl, M.; Craveiro, D.; Taylor, T.; Chiabai, A.; García de Jalón, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018The inequality effect in the well-being of European OECD countries: a new perspective on data addressing the multidimensionality of the conceptsCraveiro, D.; Botelho, M. C.; Mauritti, R.; Nunes, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021The influence of urban greenspaces on people’s physical activity: A population-based study in SpainGarcía de Jalón, G.; Chiabai, A.; Quiroga, S.; Suárez, C.; Ščasný, M.; Máca, V.; Zvěřinová, I.; Marques, S.; Craveiro, D.; Taylor, T.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020The left and right hands of the Portuguese state: Welfare retrenchment of public employmentMauritti, R.; Nunes, N.; Botelho, M. C.; Craveiro, D.ArticleOpen Access
2012Participação da comunidade educativa na gestão escolarVeloso, L.; Craveiro, D.; Rufino, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Redução das desigualdades no âmbito da Agenda 2030 da ONUSilva, S. F.; Botelho, M. C.; Mauritti, R.; Nunes, N.; Cabrita, L.; Craveiro, D.ArticleOpen Access
2019Ten Lessons for good practice for the INHERIT triple win: health, equity, and environmental sustainabilityBell, R.; Khan, M.; Romeo-Velilla, M.; Stegeman, I.; Godfrey, A.; Taylor, T.; Morris, G.; Staatsen, B.; van der Vliet, N.; Kruize, H.; Anthun, K. S.; Lillefjell, E.; Espnes, G. A.; Chiabai, A.; De Jalón, S. G.; Quiroga, S.; Martinez-Juarez, P.; Máca, V.; Zvěřinová, I.; Ščasný, M.; Marques, S.; Craveiro, D.; Westerink, J.; Spelt, H.; Karnaki, P.; Strube, R.; Merritt, A. - S.; Friberg, M.; Bélorgey, N.; Vos, M.; Gjorgjev, D.; Upelniece, L.; Costongs, C.ArticleOpen Access
2013The Portuguese schools' evaluation programme: a sociological approach to the participation of social actorsVeloso, L.; Abrantes, P.; Craveiro, D.ArticleEmbargoed Access