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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Analysis of project management tools to support knowledge managementClemente, M.; Domingues, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Anti-trafficking discourses, migration control and representations of trafficked women: The Portuguese caseClemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2024Anti-trafficking professionals and institutionalized violence in Spain: An exploratory studyClemente, M.; Sierra-Rodríguez, A.; Cairns, D.ArticleOpen Access
2023Asistencia a mujeres tratadas en España. Otras víctimas y formas de violenciaSierra Rodríguez, A.; Clemente, M.ArticleOpen Access
2017Behind the findings. Reflecting on research challengesClemente, M.; Carreiras, H.OtherOpen Access
2022A construção do campo de combate ao tráfico de pessoas em Portugal: O papel das organizações não-governamentaisClemente, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022The counter‐trafficking apparatus in action: who benefits from it?Clemente, M.ArticleOpen Access
2023COVID-19 and the immobility turnCairns, D.; Clemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017Dentro l’industria delle migrazioni, fuori dall’industria del salvataggio. Assistenza e (re)integrazione delle donne migranti trafficate e sfruttate sessualmenteClemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Feminism and counter-trafficking: Exploring the transformative potential of contemporary feminism in PortugalClemente, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021Fora de casa. notas de pesquisa e reflexividadeClemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018Fora de casa. Percursos de assistência e proteção de migrantes traficadosClemente, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023From overtourism to undertourism, and back againCairns, D.; Clemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017Human trafficking in Portugal: an ethnography of research and dataClemente, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021"I was not prepared to go to Spain": Work mobility of young people at the margins in PortugalClemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018Il genocidio nero continua? La lotta continuaClemente, M.; Silva Telles, S.; Sousa e Silva, D.; Brandão, B.OtherOpen Access
2023International student mobility and immobilityCairns, D.; Clemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021Introduction: The intermittency of youth migrationCairns, D.; Clemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Introduction: The intermittency of youth migrationCairns, D.; Clemente, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Is sex trafficking no (longer) sexy? Actors, definitions of the problem and policies in the Portuguese field of counter-traffickingClemente, M.ArticleOpen Access