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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022A ascensão eleitoral do Rassemblement National de Marine Le PenCarvalho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020Ausência de consenso: os partidos de extrema direita como família partidáriaCarvalho, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2016Construct validation of the portuguese version of the restraint scaleCarvalho, J.; Marques, M. M.; Ferreira, M. B.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access
2016The effectiveness of french immigration policy under president Nicolas SarkozyCarvalho, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015The end of a strategic opening? The BNP's window of opportunity in the 2000s and its closure in the 2010sCarvalho, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2024Follow the media? News environment and public concern about immigrationCarvalho, J.; Duarte, M. C.; Ruedin, D.ArticleOpen Access
2014Food risk communication: empirical studies and practical resourcesGaspar, R.; Carvalho, J.; Alves, S.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access
2019The Front National’s influence on immigration during President François Hollande’s termCarvalho, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Gender and attitudes towards immigrants: Exploring threat perceptionsEspírito-Santo, A.; Carvalho, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2021‘If you don't migrate, you're a nobody’: Migration recruitment networks and experiences of Nepalese farm workers in PortugalPereira, C.; Pereira, A.; Budal, A.; Dahal, S.; Daniel-Wrabetz, J.; Meshelemiah, J.; Carvalho, J.; Ramos, M.; Carmo, R. M.; Pires, R. P.ArticleOpen Access
17-Feb-2020Immigrants’ acquisition of national citizenship in Portugal and Spain: the role of multiculturalism?Carvalho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2016The impact of extreme-right parties on immigration policy in Italy and France in the early 2000sCarvalho, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Influence of body odors and gender on perceived genital arousalAlves-Oliveira, P.; Carvalho, J.; Ferreira, J.; Alho, L.; Nobre, P.; Olsson, M. J.; Soares, S. C.ArticleOpen Access
2019Mainstream party strategies towards extreme right parties: the French 2007 and 2012 Presidential ElectionsCarvalho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2011Para uma revisão da abordagem multidimensional das impressões de personalidade: o culto, o irresponsável, o compreensivo e o arroganteFerreira, M. B; Gracia-Marques, L.; Toscano, H.; Carvalho, J.; Hagá, S.ArticleOpen Access
2016Partidos de extrema-direita e a gestão da crise do asilo na Europa: o caso FrancêsCarvalho, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020The politicization of immigration in Portugal between 1995 and 2014: a European exception?Carvalho, J.; Duarte, M. C.ArticleOpen Access
2020The positions mainstream left parties adopt on immigration: a cross-cutting cleavage?Carvalho, J.; Ruedin, D.ArticleOpen Access
2017Promessas quebradas do presidente Sarkozy. Políticas públicas de imigração e integração francesas entre 2007 e 2012Carvalho, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2014Promoting healthy eating: a brief review of predictors and interventionsGodinho, C. A.; Carvalho, J.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access