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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2017All you need is Facebook friends? Associations between online and face-to-face friendships and healthLima, M. L.; Marques, S.; Muiños, G.; Camilo, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021As strong as we are united: Effects of intrapersonal and interpersonal emotion regulation on quality of life in women with breast cancerMoura, R.; Camilo, C.; Luís, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Children's right to participate in early childhood education settings: a systematic reviewCorreia, N.; Camilo, C.; Aguiar, C.; Amaro, F.ArticleOpen Access
2018Competent enough to be heard? Technicians’ expectations about local stakeholders in participative processesLima, M. L.; Marques, S.; Branco, C.; Talayero, F.; Camilo, C.ArticleOpen Access
2013Desenho e avaliação de programas de desenvolvimento de competências parentais para pais negligentes: uma revisão e reflexãoCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.ArticleOpen Access
2021O diabo está nos pormenores: Introdução às normas para escrita científica da American Psychological Association (7ª edição)Prada, M.; Camilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.; Rodrigues, D. L.ArticleOpen Access
2019How does mothering look like: a multidimensional approach to maternal cognitive representationsCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.; Ferreira, M. B.; Calheiros, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2016Implicit measures of child abuse and neglect: a systematic reviewCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.; Calheiros, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Influences of nationality and national identification on perceived dangerousness of COVID-19 variants and perceived effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines: A study of UK and Portuguese samplesBreakwell, G. M.; Camilo, C.; Jaspal, R.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access
2015Intervenção da equipa de peritos externos TEIP ISCTE-IUL: perspectiva organizacional multinível e multifator [OM2] na promoção do sucesso educativoMartins, D.; Rodrigues, R.; Camilo, C.; Raimundo, R.; Patrício, J.; Aguiar, C.; Leandro, M.; Lima, M.; Calheiros, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Judging pharmaceutical environmental risk by its cover? The effects of prescription medication and disease severity on environmental risk perceptionLuís, S.; Moura, R.; Lima, M. L.; Poggio, L.; Aragonés, J. I.; Camilo, C.ArticleEmbargo Access
2012Negligência parental: uma abordagem experimental a problemas comunitáriosGarrido, M. V.; Camilo, C.ArticleOpen Access
2010No que se pensa quando se pensa em doenças?: estudo psicométrico dos riscos de saúdeCamilo, C.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access
2022Parental attitudes in child maltreatmentCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.; Calheiros, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2021Recognizing children's emotions in child abuse and neglectCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.; Calheiros, M. M.ArticleOpen Access
2019A revisão sistemática de literatura em psicologia: desafios e orientaçõesCamilo, C.; Garrido, M. V.ArticleOpen Access
2018Subjective ratings and emotional recognition of children’s facial expressions from the CAFE setPrada, M.; Garrido, M. V.; Camilo, C.; Rodrigues, D. L.ArticleOpen Access
2020Victimization experiences and well-being in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysisFerreira, C.; Magalhães, E.; Antunes, C.; Camilo, C.ArticleOpen Access