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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2010Beyond the myths about the natural and social sciences: a sociological view [Katarina Prpic (coord.), 2009, Zagreb, Institute for Social Research]10071/2756Cairns, DavidreviewopenAccess
2006C. Leccardi e E. Ruspini (eds.), A New Youth? Young People, Generations and Family Life10071/4790Cairns, DavidotheropenAccess
2016Erasmus+ in the Eastern Partnership: Exploring International Student Mobility between Armenia and the European Union10071/11621Cairns, David; Sargsyan, MarineworkingPaperopenAccess
2009Learning Insularity? Social Capital, Social Learning and Staying at Home among European Youth10071/1583Cairns, David; Growiec, KatarzynaworkingPaperopenAccess
2014Mapping the Return Migration Research Field10071/9893Cairns, David; Sardinha, João; Tiesler, Nina ClaraworkingPaperopenAccess
2014Review: The Erasmus Phenomen. Symbol of a New European Generation? [Benjamin Feyen e Ewa Krzaklewska (eds.), Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang]10071/7838Cairns, DavidarticleopenAccess
2012Social Capital and the Financial Crisis: The Case of Iceland10071/4965Growiec, Katarzyna; Vilhelmsdóttir, Sjöfn; Cairns, DavidworkingPaperopenAccess
2006Thomas Geisen, Anthony Andrew Hickey, Allen Karcher (eds.), Migration, Mobility, and Borders. Issues of Theory and Policy, IKO-Verlag fur Interkulturelle Kommunikation10071/4789Cairns, DavidotheropenAccess
2009Youth on the move? Student mobility and immobility in Portugal and Northern Ireland10071/1519Cairns, DavidworkingPaperopenAccess
2011Youth, Precarity and the Future: Housing transitions in Portugal during the economic crisis10071/2974Cairns, DavidworkingPaperopenAccess
2011Youth, precarity and the future: undergraduate housing transitions in Portugal during the economic crisis10071/3068Cairns, DavidarticleopenAccess