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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011An automatic voice pleasantness classification system based on prosodic and acoustic patterns of voice preferenceCoelho, L.; Braga, D.; Dias, M. S.; Garcia-Mateo, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Casa de la Lhéngua: A set of language resources and natural language processing tools for MirandeseFerreira, J. P.; Chesi, C.; Baldewijns, D.; Dias, M. S.; Braga, D.; Pinto, F. M.; Cho, H.; Correia, M.; Ferreira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1-Jan-2013A corpus-based study of elderly and young speakers of European Portuguese: Acoustic correlates and their impact on speech recognition performancePellegrini, T.; Hämäläinen, A.; De Mareüil, P. B.; Tjalve, M.; Trancoso, I.; Candeias, S.; Dias, M. S.; Braga, D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2010Elderly speech collection for speech recognition based on crowd sourcingJúdice, A.; Freitas, J.; Braga, D.; Calado, A.; Dias, M.; Teixeira, A.; Oliveira, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Giving voices to multimodal applicationsAlmeida, N.; Teixeira, A.; Rosa, A.F.; Braga, D.; Freitas, J.; Dias, J.; Silva, S.; Avelar, J.; Chesi, C.; Saldanha, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
1-Jan-2011A new living lab for usability evaluation of ICT and next generation networks for elderly@homeTeixeira, A.; Rocha, N.; Dias, M. S.; Braga, D.; Queirós, A.; Pacheco, O.; Fonseca, J. A.; Pinto, J. S.; Gamboa, H.; Corte-Real, L.; Fonseca, J.; Martins, J. A.; Neves, A.; Bartolomeu, P.; Oliveira, C.; Pereira, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
Jan-2013On the development of an automatic voice pleasantness classification and intensity estimation systemPinto-Coelho, L.; Braga, D.; Sales-Dias, M.; Garcia-Mateo, C.ArticleOpen Access
2013Tecnologias de fala para pessoas idosasOliveira, C.; Albuquerque, L.; Hämäläinen, A.; Pinto, F.; Dias, J.; Júdice, A.; Freitas, J.; Pires, C.; Teixeira, V.; Calado, A.; Braga, D.; Teixeira, A.Book ChapterOpen Access
2013Transcribing and annotating speech corpora for speech recognition: A three-step crowdsourcing approach with quality controlHämäläinen, A.; Moreira, F. P.; Avelar, J.; Braga, D.; Dias, M. S.Conference ObjectOpen Access