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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Atuação das multinacionais brasileiras e portuguesas nos mercados da CPLPBarakat, L.; Cretoiu, S.; Bento, P.; Amaral-Baptista, M.; Rosa, A.; Carvalheira, V.ArticleOpen Access
2021Convergence or disparity? A cross-country analysis of corporate social responsibility reporting for banking industry in Nordic countries and ChinaYang, M.; Maresova, P.; Akbar, A.; Bento, P.; Liu, W.ArticleOpen Access
2011Cooperation and best practices within the COTEC Innovative SME NetworkBento, P.; Sousa, H.; Almeida, M.ArticleOpen Access
2017Determinants of emerging technology commercialization: Empirical evidences from MEMS technologyWang, C.; Bento, P.; Yin, L.ArticleOpen Access
2012Distance higher education in Portugal: a disruptive strategyBento, P.; Sousa, H.ArticleOpen Access
2019Does CSR Influence firm performance indicators? evidence from Chinese pharmaceutical enterprisesYang, M.; Bento, P.; Akbar, A.ArticleOpen Access
2024Entrepreneurship performance in the EU: To what extent do economic, social, and government conditions matter?Luz, A. R. C.; Bento, P.; Paschoalotto, M. A. C.; Pereira, R.ArticleOpen Access
2016Focusing executive education on corporate perceptions of priorities and skills in sustainabilitySimaens, A.; Bento, P.; Amaral-Baptista, M.; Duarte de Almeida, I.; Pernas, G.; Silva, J.; Leite, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012Institutional reorientation: the case of Universidade AbertaBento, P.; Sousa, H.; Almeida, M.ArticleOpen Access
2015Operationalizing and measuring individual entrepreneurial orientation using cognitive mapping and MCDA techniquesFerreira, F. A. F.; Marques, C. S. E.; Bento, P.; Ferreira, J. J. M.; Jalali, M. S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012The COTEC Innovative SME Network from an economic and financial perspectiveBento, P.; Sousa, H.; Oliveira, J.ArticleOpen Access
2022Too much of two good things: Explicating the limited complementarity between drivers of MNC Headquarters’ absorptive capacityBarakat, L. L.; Pedersen, T.; Amaral-Baptista, M.; Cretoiu, S. B.; Bento, P.ArticleOpen Access