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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Cidade straight versus cidade dissidente: a street art como demarcação do lugar em LisboaDe Trói, M.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2015Collective action and social change: examining the role of representation in the communication between protesters and third-party membersBatel, S.; Castro, P.ArticleOpen Access
2012Commentary on re-presenting (and) cognitive polyphasiaBatel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2017A conceptual framework for understanding the social acceptance of energy infrastructure: insights from energy storageDevine-Wright, P.; Batel, S.; Aas, O.; Sovacool, B.; Labelle, M. C.; Ruud, A.ArticleOpen Access
2015A critical and empirical analysis of the national-local ‘gap’ in public responses to large-scale energy infrastructuresBatel, S.; Devine-Wright, P.ArticleOpen Access
2018A critical discussion of research on the social acceptance of renewable energy generation and associated infrastructures and an agenda for the futureBatel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2021A critical framework to develop human-centric positive energy districts: Towards justice, inclusion, and well-beingNguyen, M.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2016Developing a critical agenda to understand pro-environmental actions: contributions from Social Representations and Social Practices TheoriesBatel, S.; Castro, P.; Devine-Wright, P.; Howarth, C.ArticleOpen Access
2016Ecological crisis, sustainability and social worlds: developing a critical agendaBatel, S.; Adams, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021Emplacing linked lives: A qualitative approach to understanding the co‐evolution of residential mobility and place attachment formation over timeBailey, E.; Devine‐Wright, P.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2017Energy colonialism and the role of the global in local responses to new energy infrastructures in the UK: a critical and exploratory empirical analysisBatel, S.; Devine-Wright, P.ArticleOpen Access
2007Estou mais seguro na minha cidade do que os outros: identidade com o lugar e optimismo comparativo na percepção de riscos urbanosLima, M. L.; Marques, S.; Batel, S.; Carvalho, S.; Haldon, J.; Pornin, S.ArticleOpen Access
2013Explaining public preferences for high voltage pylon designs: an empirical study of perceived fit in a rural landscapeDevine-Wright, P.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2015Making energy visible: sociopsychological aspects associated with the use of smart metersGuerreiro, S.; Batel, S.; Lima, M. L.; Moreira, S.ArticleOpen Access
2017My neighbourhood, my country or my planet? The influence of multiple place attachments and climate change concern on social acceptance of energy infrastructureDevine-Wright, P.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018Participar está na moda: uma abordagem psicossocial dos orçamentos participativosSantos, M.; Batel, S.; Gonçalves, M. E.ArticleOpen Access
2019Participatory budgeting in the age of post-politics: examining the discourses of citizens and representatives of expert-political systems in three municipalities in PortugalSantos, M.; Batel, S.; Gonçalves, M. E.ArticleOpen Access
2022Politicizing hydroelectric power plants in Portugal: Spatio-temporal injustices and psychosocial impacts of renewable energy colonialism in the Global NorthBatel, S.; Küpers, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018Populism, identities and responses to energy infrastructures at different scales in the United Kingdom: a post-Brexit reflectionBatel, S.; Devine-Wright, P.ArticleOpen Access
2020Portuguese media representations of nuclear facilities in Almaraz, Spain: beyond borders and risk perceptionBatel, S.; Pataco, L.ArticleOpen Access