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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2014O ‘25 de Abril’: uma revolução nas ciências sociaisAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2015Back to the revolution: the 1974 Portuguese spring and its 'austere anniversary'Accornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2015'Brandos costumes?' Protesto e mobilização em Portugal sob a austeridade, 2010-2013Accornero, G.; Pinto, P. R.ArticleOpen Access
2022Bridging social movement studies between Global North and Global SouthAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2022Contentious buildings: The struggle against eviction in NYC’s Lower East SideAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
Oct-2013Contentious politics and student dissent in the twilight of the Portuguese dictatorship: analysis of a protest cycleAccornero, G.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019“Everything was possible”: emotions and rerceptions of the past among former Portuguese antifascist activistsAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2023IntroduçãoFreire, A.; Accornero, G.; Queiroga, V.; Asensio, M.; Belchior-Rocha, H.; Santana Pereira, J.OtherOpen Access
2013La répression politique sous l’Estado Novo au Portugal et ses effets sur l’opposition estudiantine, des années 1960 à la fin du régimeAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2015Lo strano caso delle elezioni portoghesi nel sud Europa dell’austeritàAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2015‘Mild mannered’? Protest and mobilisation in Portugal under austerity, 2010–2013Accornero, G.; Pinto, P. R.ArticleOpen Access
2013A mobilização estudantil no processo de radicalização política durante o MarcelismoAccornero, G.ArticleOpen Access
2016Players and arenas: strategic interactionism in social movements studiesMcGarry, A.; Davidson, R. J.; Accornero, G.; Jasper, J. M.; Duyvendak, J. W.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2023The symbolism of the street in Portuguese contentionAccornero, G.; Carvalho, T.; Pinto, P. R.Book ChapterOpen Access