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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2017Kinetic origami surfaces: from simulation to fabricationOsório, F.; Paio, A.; Oliveira, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014KOS - kinetic origami surfaceOsório, F.; Paio, A.; Oliveira, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012OdNEAT: An algorithm for distributed online, onboard evolution of robot behavioursSilva, F.; Urbano, P.; Oliveira, S.; Christensen, A. L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Origami folded surfaces: kinetic system behind the foldingOsório, F.; Oliveira, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Origami tesselations: folding algorithms from local to globalOsório, F. C.; Paio, A.; Oliveira, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Profiling web users preferences with text mining: Plan2See - Dynamic formulation of conceptual groupsCosta, P. B.; Oliveira, S.; Nunes, L.Conference ObjectRestricted Access
2021Prosociality in cyberspace: Developing emotion and behavioral regulation to decrease aggressive communicationVeiga Simão, A. M.; Ferreira, P.; Pereira, N.; Oliveira, S.; Paulino, P.; Rosa, H.; Ribeiro, R.; Coheur, L.; Carvalho, J. P.; Trancoso, I.ArticleOpen Access
2023O relato dos indicadores ambientais na indústria do papel Portuguesa e a sociedade 5.0Guerreiro, M. S.; Oliveira, S.; Borges, A.; Silva, A. R.Conference ObjectEmbargoed Access
2016Sustainable technologies and transdisciplinary futures: from collaborative design to digital fabricationNascimento, S.; Pólvora, A.; Paio, A.; Oliveira, S.; Rato, V.; Oliveira, M. J.; Varela, B.; Sousa, J. P.ArticleEmbargoed Access