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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Jornalismo e suas crises: um olhar sobre as questões da tecnologia, do emprego e do diploma no Brasil10071/2970Lopes, Fernanda LimaworkingPaperopenAccess
2009Journeys into end of life research: some methodological considerations10071/1581Hilário, Ana PatríciaworkingPaperopenAccess
2006Jovens descendentes de imigrantes nas sociedades de acolhimento: linhas de identificação sociológica10071/176Machado, Fernando Luís; Matias, Ana RaquelworkingPaperopenAccess
2013Jovens no 2º Ciclo do Ensino Secundário Geral e Técnico Profissional na Huíla (Angola): Origem Social, Trajetórias Escolares, e Expetativas Escolares e Profissionais10071/9856Jacob, EdgarworkingPaperopenAccess
2013Jovens que transgridem: comunidades pessoais especializadas e circunscritas10071/9845Merlini, SaraworkingPaperopenAccess
Dec-2007Justice and efficiency: Managing the value conflict10071/3204Gonçalves, M. E.; Caldas, J.M.C.; Cortinhal, M.J.; Costa, P.; Ferreira, R.workingPaperopenAccess
Dec-2009Knowledge access and location decisions in biotechnology: the spatial dimension of social networks10071/3229Fontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Videira, P.workingPaperopenAccess
3-Aug-2012Knowledge intensive sectors in moderate innovative countries in Europe: overcoming the missing links, stepping over barriers10071/3683Salavisa, I.; Vali, C.workingPaperopenAccess
2012Knowledge-based entrepreneurship and employment growth in Portugal10071/5135Mamede, R.; Fernandes, T.workingPaperopenAccess
1995La dimension apprentissage de la relation de travail10071/463Lopes, H.workingPaperopenAccess
2006La energía nuclear. Generador de confianza recíproca10071/177Milanese, Juan PabloworkingPaperopenAccess
2010La praxis de Consejos Comunales y la Visión de las Élites sobre la Democracia Participativa10071/2209Vargas, AdolfoworkingPaperopenAccess
2004Labor demand, productivity and business cycle: evidence from Portuguese large firms10071/501Simões, N. N.workingPaperopenAccess
Sep-2008Labour mobility, industry evolution and social networks: a co-evolutionary model10071/3212Mamede, RicardoworkingPaperopenAccess
2006Land and law: reciprocal rights and duties in private property10071/513Ferreiro, M. F.workingPaperopenAccess
2007Learning from experience. A project to maintain knowledge-based prevention policy10071/522Mills, Alexandra; Cooper, DeirdreworkingPaperopenAccess
2009Learning Insularity? Social Capital, Social Learning and Staying at Home among European Youth10071/1583Cairns, David; Growiec, KatarzynaworkingPaperopenAccess
Feb-2021Legitimacy and guidance in upscaling energy technology innovations10071/21960Bento, Nuno; Fontes, MargaridaworkingPaperopenAccess
1998Les dynamiques paradoxales de l’integration en Afrique subsarienne : le mythe du hors-jeu10071/2430Bach, DanielworkingPaperopenAccess
2006Lindonéia (ou as trilhas da memória em dois curtas brasileiros)10071/174Rovai, Mauro LuizworkingPaperopenAccess